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Stay on Track in 2020!

Nearly half of Americans surveyed have set goals related to improving their overall health in the new year – eating healthier, beginning a new exercise regimen, drinking less alcohol, or reducing stress. But within months, many fall off the wagon and revert back to their old lifestyle. Old habits die hard! So what’s the key to making sustainable lifestyle changes?

Be reasonable. Go ahead and set a lofty goal – but also set achievable, smaller goals and a detailed action plan to help you get there over time.

Enlist a friend. Joining forces with someone else to achieve the same goal can be just the motivation and reinforcement you need.

Expect setbacks. They will happen. When they do, don’t quit. Doing something is better than doing nothing and falling off the wagon until next year.

Don’t forget the basics. Regardless of what diet or exercise regimen you choose, don’t lose sight of the fundamentals – the scientifically proven benefits of reducing sugar intake, fasting, and sleeping.

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